Welcome to Swindon mental health and learning disability charity Phoenix Enterprises

Founded in 2002, Phoenix Enterprises is both a charity and a social enterprise. Each year we provide a vital safety net for over 100 vulnerable adults in Swindon with mental health issues, learning difficulties and physical disabilities. Their challenges range from Autism, Asperger’s and Downs Syndrome to depression and anxiety.

Phoenix enriches lives by building employability skills. We provide all our people with holistic day-to-day support in our structured production environment. We improve confidence, morale, life and employability skills, mental and physical health.

We do packaging and hand-assembly jobs for other businesses, who add to their social value by paying us a commercial rate. This income covers around 40% of our costs, the balance coming from fundraising and grants.

Through our support and work experience, and our work with local employers, we aim to remove barriers to social and financial inclusion.

For our customers

Good work is good for us . . . our social enterprise is designed to create training and employment experience for our people, as well as generating valuable income to help us maintain and expand the services we offer.

Employment support

We help our people gain practical and transferable skills and confidence to move into sustainable paid employment and to live as independently as possible.

Personal support

Phoenix is a good place for people to go each day. They gain a sense of self-worth and being part of a fun, caring community. We help with daily needs, like budgeting, housing issues or medical appointments.