Karen Hyde

I’ve worked in the Mailing Fulfilment industry for many years both as an employee and self-employed.

At Phoenix I’ve used my skills to grow the range of services that we offer, introduced new working practices and improved quality and turnaround.

Our people at Phoenix never cease to amaze me with their ability and enthusiasm to take on new challenges, pushing themselves to achieve things they never knew they were capable of. It’s both rewarding and gratifying to see people change and develop through doing the hand assembly work. The sense of purpose working here gives our people is wonderful to witness. When anyone leaves us with new skills to go to a paid job I’m so pleased that we gave them real experience – time-keeping, applying themselves to the job in hand, doing their best. My catch phrase is Busy Hands!!

When not at Phoenix I can be found walking Chuck (yes he is mine), gardening, food and listening to live music. Anything to do with being outside and I am happy.