Louise Hunt

Last year I retired from competitive sport. I was an elite wheelchair tennis player for several years, reaching the top ten in the world and competing at two Paralympic games, as well as Wimbledon. It was fantastic! My sport has taught me a lot about resilience, work ethic and determination and I am enjoying putting these transferrable skills into my work at Phoenix.

I love working with our people here. I have always been determined that my disability will not hold me back, so I strive to help others feel the same and reach their full potential. I strongly believe that having a disability, mental health issue or learning disability can actually become your superpower. Facing adversities and struggles every day can teach you many things, such as becoming super resilient – which in everyday day life can be a huge advantage, especially in the workplace. I am passionate about breaking down the negative stigmas around all things disability and show the world what we can contribute and achieve! That’s why I do the job I do, having independence can change a person’s life and earning your own income is a complete game changer in terms of confidence and opportunity. Supporting our people with their next steps away from Phoenix and into the mainstream world of work is such a privilege and I love nothing more than to see them succeed in the next chapter after their time with us.

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