To some, Milo is the most important member of the team. Milo is a black Spanish Water Dog cross and belongs to Louise.

Everyone does their best to look after Milo and he looks after us too. He’s always around for cuddles if someone’s upset or stressed.

Milo is a bouncy 4-year-old and loves being part of the Phoenix family, in fact everyone notices if Milo doesn’t come in. Over his time here he has helped numerous people cope with anxiety, panic attacks, anger and general feelings of low self-worth. He knows when a Milo cuddle is required and is always happy to help. He is taken for regular walks around the building during the course of the day, not only for his benefit but for the sense of purpose and wellbeing it gives to the walker, and there is never a shortage of volunteers.

Milo is known for his ability to find food and toys – keep everything in your locker!