Personal Support

We help people in and around Swindon with short or long-term mental health issues to regain the motivation and self-confidence to lead happier, healthier and more independent rewarding lives.

For those with more complex challenges we provide a safe place to go each day, giving a structure to their day and genuine work in a warehouse environment. This creates a sense of self-worth and purpose. Working at Phoenix is a constructive alternative to being isolated at home or getting up to mischief in the town centre. Many of our people have been with us for over 10 years and hugely value being part of a fun, productive, caring community.

Richard, father to Tom says it all: “Tom is 24 with severe Learning Disabilities. Nothing prepared my wife and I or Tom for life after leaving school. This is where Phoenix plays such a critical role, providing a safe work environment. Tom attends Phoenix 3 days a week. The work he does is varied; one day he might be packing small bags with screws, the next making up barley straw socks for use in fish ponds. It really impresses me that if a task is too challenging the staff quickly pick this up and move the person on. This is so important as people with complex needs get extremely anxious when they can’t do something. It really helps build his confidence. They organise regular social events and provide a “big family” feeling. They frequently go above and beyond, extending the support to outside of work. All I want for Tom is a place he can attend during the week that helps him feel “normal”, valued and safe and these expectations are met fabulously by Phoenix.”

We advocate for every single person, directly supporting them with: their health, wellbeing and financial issues, obtaining and maintaining benefits, any housing problems or disputes – anything they are struggling with, from applying for probate to managing their energy bills. When we see a dip in someone’s wellbeing we work with them and their GP or support worker. Our approach is collaborative and we follow issues through until they are fully resolved. Our Phoenix family is very important to all of our people, and the support work we offer also helps provide peace of mind and reassurance to their families and carers.

We fill a gap, complementing the support available from the local council and care workers – see Other Helpful Services for a list of the organisations we work with.

Phoenix makes a truly profound difference to the lives of the 100+ people we help each year.